Tactile Paving

Rosehill’s tactile paving is an excellent and crack resistant alternative to concrete. Watch the video below to see how the rubber paver deforms under heavy loads with no cracking.

Manufactured from flexible quality rubber, they are a low maintenance and long life product. Laid exactly like the concrete alternatives, they are cut using standard electric cutting tools without the creation of dust.

We can provide two types of tactile paving; 5mm thick which are stick down as shown on the pedestrian refuge island page and 50mm thick tactile pavers which are laid in the same way as conventional concrete tactile paving. Both tactile types comply with DfT guidelines.

Each unit incorporates a standard stud configuration and can be supplied in either red or buff colours. Standard size is 400mm x 400mm. Special colours are available on request.

Our tactile paving is made from recycled rubber and meets the requirements of highways specifiers. Rosehill pavers won’t crack under pressure!



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