Retail & Car Park Management

Supermarkets, retail parks and their management companies employ many strategies for traffic calming and management in and around their properties. Measures aimed at shoppers may include speed cushions, build-outs, kerb extensions, traffic islands and lane separators. Where delivery vehicles operate such as HGVs, speed calmers can effectively reduce transit speeds.

Tough preformed rubber – durable and crack resistant
Flexible - forms to surface
Surface fixed – no excavation required
Solid, stable units – no small components to detach

Many of the Rosehill Highways traffic calming products can be modified functionally and graphically to suit any car park requirement.

Product Application

Speed Cushions
Impact resistant, retains form – customise with logos, speed indicators and high visibility traffic direction markings, all moulded into the products
Speed Calmer
Slows vehicles to 5 MPH – gentle transition – kerb-to-kerb or taper-end systems
Lane Separators
Route delineation - vehicle separation - bay division - barrier mount plinths
Traffic Islands
Solid rubber - directional enforcement – solar powered signage – temporary or permanent


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