About Us

Rosehill Highways is a division of the Rosehill Polymers Group which was originally established in 1988. Rosehill Highways enjoys the benefit of drawing on the culmination of over 20 years of market-leading experience in developing and designing bespoke moulded products and introducing innovative chemical processing technology.

As a group Rosehill have four separate production plants all based within the UK in an area of Yorkshire with excellent transport links. Rosehill are also proud of its very extensive, modern laboratory facilities where the majority of the development work is undertaken by our dedicated team of chemists and engineers.

The combination of laboratory led developments, state-of-the art production plants and storage facilities which are measured as amongst the largest in Europe, have allowed Rosehill to develop an extremely impressive and diverse product range.

The main industries into which Rosehill supply on a global basis include Railways, Highways, Sports and Play and the Oil and Gas Industry.Throughout the whole period of successful company expansion and the growth of its divisions, Rosehill have remained focussed on its core principals and guiding philosophies, looking for innovative and sustainable solutions in an ever more demanding and environmentally aware global society.

About Us